Below is a list of albums I have made over the years. Also listed are a few songs that I have written or co-written with fellow songwriters. 

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IN THE DESERT | The Poet and the Thief 2022

10 New Songs that circle the desert like a buzzard. 

Listen Now.

Listen to Streetlights live on DayTrotter. 
BORN | I am Bearwood

A EP of four songs produced by
Jonas Wilson of MR PINK RECORDS. I am Bearwood is my solo project. 

Track Listing:
Running Scared
I Love You Still
Kingdom Come

LIGHT OF THE LANTERN (2020) | The Eastern Leaves


The first band that I started with Megan LaPrelle. 


These ten songs were burried for years. Hearing them emerge from the closet was a great feeling and the first project I ever recorded with my wife, Megan.  

Dead Flower Motel (2011) | Chris Brecht

This record was about as fun of a record to make. Our band felt great in the studio. We recorded at Estuary Recording. Engineered by Andrew Hernandez (Arroyo Audio). The songs were dreamy, aggressive, and capture a time in my life (In Austin) that I will never forget. 

The Great Ride (2008) | Chris Brecht

We started this record at Bismeaux studios in Austin with Brad Rice at the helm of production. I have a great story in meeting Brad, though I don't even think he knows it. But I had watched brad years earlier playing w/ R. Adams in Lincoln, Denver, and a few other venues. He had a way of makign the band sound like the The Rolling Stones. When I disovered that he had moved to Austin, I had to meet him. When I did, we talked about music production, and it wasn't long before we were in the studio together. Which for me, was about teh coolest thing ever. We recorded 10 songs in a few days, and this album served as a monumental album for me.