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A growing collection of photos that I have taken around the world. Most of these photos are from Project ATX6 unless specified otherwise. There is a captivating beauty in the old world, the distance places, the expressive. I can consider myself very lucky to have experienced places far from America with musicians and friends alike. These photos are only a beginning to the story. 

P1070731 copy.jpg

HANOI - An enchanting city full of noice, food, energy, textures, colors. I can't give enough 

Alesia in Thailand.jpg

THAILAND - The final PROJECT ATX6 trip into the unknown. Sad to see this project disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic. It was an 8 year journey, a life changing experience, and it's captured in years of video and photos. I'll continue to post. In the meantime, please visit the project website to learn more. 


35MM PHOTOGRAPHY - These photos are my passion. Exploring the old medium of 35mm has been a joy and a very expensive hobby. Most of these photos are of my wife, my dogs, and our travels. But we are two musicians who have traveled well and shared our music with many friends. 

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